Federal Judge Takes Satanic Liberals Down a Peg

A federal judge has blocked the sale of pop star Lil Nas X’s controversial “Satan Shoes.” The judicial decision sided with Nike after they filed suit against the the company that designed the shoes, MSCHF Product Studio, who customized Nike’s Air Max 97 products without permission.

The popular singer of “Old Town Road” caused a media firestorm last week when he unveiled the limited edition hell-themed shoes, which were reported to contain real human blood. The initial unveiling of the product caused uproar from fans who believed that the shoe was a collaborative effort with Nike.

Nike was quick to dispel the connection, and immediately sued the shoe designer on Monday. They claimed that the shoes were modified without “approval or authorization” and furthermore that the Satan inspired shoes caused “confusion and dilution” with their brand.

The lawyers used evidence such as the fact that “sophisticated sneakerheads,” were fooled by the reconstructed shoes.

The design company’s lawyers contended that the shoes promotional material did not include any “statements that Nike is affiliated,” and said that there is “no basis” for a recall, since most of the shoes have been shipped already.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem denounced the shoes on Twitter, sparring with Lil Nas X.

Author: Tanner Reeves

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