Fauci Wants You To Forget About Pesky Liberties

On Sunday, Anthony Fauci, the White House chief medical adviser said that unvaccinated Americans should change their focus from petty “concerns about… liberty,” and instead focus on combatting the “common enemy” of COVID-19.

Fauci spoke on CBS’s “Face the Nation”, and explained that in order to end the pandemic, there needs to be an “overwhelming proportion” of vaccine adoption in addition to mitigation efforts which means mask wearing. He added that in order to accomplish this, there would be some necessary “mandating of things… vaccines, for example.”

Fauci added that even though breakthrough cases are happening with vaccinated individuals, he still recommends them because unvaccinated people make up the bulk of the most severe cases. He firmly took a stand that personal freedom is a backburner issue in comparison to any policy that would slow the spread of the virus.

He expressly blamed unvaccinated people for the continued spread of COVID-19, and said that it leaves the government with “a lot of tasks.” One of the first, he said, is to “put aside… concern about… personal liberties,” because the Wuhan virus poses a common enemy that can only be defeated if everyone cooperates. He warned that the alternative is “to continue to suffer” in the way that the U.S. is right now.

A recent study of the various vaccines against the new delta-COVID variant suggested that a Moderna booster was more effective than other vaccines, and Fauci was questioned about this. Fauci expressed skepticism regarding the claim, dismissing it as “a preprint study… hasn’t been fully peer-reviewed.” He said that the case wasn’t clear cut because of many “confounding variables,” and so he didn’t endorse choosing one booster shot over any other.

Fauci’s comments arrive as the CDC renewed calls for mask mandates and the Biden administration launches new vaccine initiatives; encouragement for the civilians, and mandates for the military.

Author: Raymond Banks