Fauci Exposed In Full-Blown Cruella De Vil Scheme

Leaked Documents from The National Institute of Health just exposed Fauci in a scheme so dreadful, that even Democrats are mortified. One taxpayer watchdog organization revealed that the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Allergies, which is led by the great Dr. Fauci, spend almost $2million in research that wasn’t necessary, and research that murdered beagle puppies by the dozens.

The horror happened between October of 2018 and February of 2019, when the NIAID-funded research was performed at SRI International. Warning: This is about to get graphic, so if you have a weak stomach, don’t read ahead. The research involved injecting or force-feeding 44 puppies, all of them beagles, between the ages of 6-8 months with a drug that was experimental in nature. After they were injected or force fed, the team would then murder the puppies and dissect them. This is all according to the documents that were obtained by the WCW Project, or White Coat Waste, as they’re better known. This watchdog organization for taxpayers focuses on research in the scientific arena. This specific research on the puppies was labeled as unnecessary by the FDA, and it cost taxpayers a whopping $1.68 million.

The NIH themselves had a pretty weak reason for performing the research. They said the experiments were performed to get quality and integral data for the American Food and Drug Administration, as well as other agencies within the U.S. However, in response to a previous report done by Daily Caller News, as well as in response to other WCW investigation, FDA spokespersons said in a statement over the summer that the FDA doesn’t mandate that drugs meant for humans should be studied in dogs.

In addition to the dissections of the puppies, it also involved removed the vocal cords of the dogs so they were unable to bark, and experiments that involved mice.

All around the nation, people are naming their puppies after Dr. Fauci without knowing he’s really taxapyers’ and dogs’ worst nightmare. He’s poisoned puppies in the United States and funded Chinese experiminents. He’s the highest-paid employee in the government, and he’s proven time and time again that he can’t be trusted with our precious money. He should be the next to go.

Author: Lex Mellencamp