Far-Left, Anti-Gun Actor Shoots And Kills a Coworker

How ironic is it that this anti-gun, far-left, hot-headed actor accidentally murdered one of the cinematographers working on his set and critically wounded the director while working on a film in New Mexico? If you haven’t caught on yet, we are talking about Alec Baldwin.

Apparently, Alec Baldwin fired a gun that was used as a prop while on set for his movie in New Mexico. The prop gun killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, while wounding the director of the film, Joe Souza.

This all happened on the set of Baldwin’s new movie, which is called “Rust.” It’s an independent film and was being filmed on the Bonanza Creek Ranch which is south of Sante Fe and is a popular filming location for movies.

Hutchins was just 45 and was transported to the New Mexico University Hospital located in Albuquerque via life flight helicopter. She later died at the hospital. Souza, who is 48, was transported to Christus St. Vincent Medical Center for the Region in Santa Fe. He was transported by ambulance and is currently undergoing extensive treatment for the injuries he sustained, as reported by the Sheriff’s office in Santa Fe County.

The Sheriff issued a statement about the matter saying that Souza and Hutchins were shot after a firearm that was used for a prop was discharged by the 68-year-ola actor and producer, Alec Baldwin.

Back in 2018, Baldwin, who is both anti-gun and far-left, played then-President Trump in a terrible SNL skit. He didn’t shy away from mocking Trump on how he defends the 2nd amendment during his skit.

While there isn’t anything funny about the terrible death of an innocent woman, there’s definitely something ironic about Alec Baldwin being the trigger man. For years, far-left celebrities have glorified guns in movies and made a fortune off of their use, but they all shout and scream gun control at every opportunity.

In April of 2018, Amy Schumer, Jimmy Kimmel and Alec Baldwin all used their voices to target the NRA. They’ve partnered with policy experts, anti-gun students and other gun safety organizations and started up the No Rifle Association, which is doing its best to get rid of the NRA and keep them out of politics in America.

Author: Libby Dickson