Famous RINO Seeks To Expand Illegal Immigrants Rights

Former President George W. Bush spent years attempting to overhaul America’s immigration system, and urged for a process to be created which would allow illegal aliens already in the country to become citizens. However, he never succeeded.

Bush also famously claimed that he would never attempt to interfere with his successors’ presidencies. But he’s re-emerged to advocate for a pathway to citizenship.

Bush is releasing his latest book soon, titled “Out of Many, One: Portraits of America’s Immigrants.” His book details the reforms which he envisions are necessary to restore immigration policy to one that “serves both our values and our interests.”

Bush says that the millions of illegals currently in America need a solution to citizenship, however, he rejects the idea of an outright amnesty.

His book details that illegals seeking citizenship should be required to demonstrate their “work history, payment of. . . taxes, English proficiency and knowledge of. . . history and civics.”

Bush says that bipartisan support is necessary to complete the task, with neither party seeking to score political points.

Author: Elsa Brooks

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