Fake News Releases Results Of Questionable Impeachment Poll

Fifty-six percent of Americans say the Senate should convict former President Donald Trump in the impeachment trial, according to a new CBS News poll.

Forty-four percent say the Senate should not convict him.

Here are the results of the poll released on Tuesday, as the trial was set to get underway:

17% of Republicans favor conviction, compared to 83% who do not.
90% of Democrats say the Senate should convict Trump, while 10% say the Senate should not.

56% of all those polled say Trump encouraged violence at the Capitol, while 13% say he discouraged it. 31% say he had no impact on the violence.

46% of Republicans say it is “very important” for the party to be loyal to Trump; 27% say it is “somewhat important”; 15% say it is “not too important”; and 12% say it is “not at all important.”

33% of Republicans say if Trump formed his own political party they would join it, compared 30% who would not. 37% said they might.

71% of Republicans say those in the party who vote to impeach or convict Trump are “disloyal,” while 29% say they are “principled.”

57% of Republicans tend to think of Democrats as “enemies,” while 43% tend to see them as “political opposition.”

41% of Democrats tend to think of Republicans as “enemies,” compared to 59% who tend to think of them as “political opposition.”

67% of all those polled consider Joe Biden the “legitimate winner” of the presidential election, compared to 33% who do not.

3% say QAnon ideas are “certainly true,” 13% say “probably true,” 14% say “probably false,” and 45% say “certainly false.”

The poll, conducted Feb. 5-8, surveyed 2,508 people. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.3 percentage points.

Author: Jeffrey Rodack

Source: Newsmax: CBS News Poll: Majority of Americans Favor Trump Conviction

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