Facebook Has a Surprising “Change of Heart” On Trump

On Wednesday, Facebook’s Oversight Board mad the decision to uphold their ban against former president Donald Trump. However, the Board also included that another review of the so called “indefinite suspension” should be made in six months time, meaning that Trump’s reinstatement is still a possibility.

Trump reacted to Facebook’s decision to continue his banishment “a total disgrace” and “an embarrassment to our country.”

Trump claimed that the far left websites are “afraid of the truth” but says that the truth will prevail despite their efforts. He said that the American people “will not stand for it” and that social media companies must never be allowed to “decimate our Electoral Process.”

The Board’s decision applies to their other social media apps, including Instagram, which Facebook owns.

The Oversight Board did condemn Facebooks actions somewhat, claiming that it was inappropriate to impose the ban with an indefinite timeframe after using a penalty which had no standard.

Ultimately, the Board instructed Facebook to review and offer justification for their decision and determine if their action was “proportionate” and “consistent with the rules” that would be applied to any ordinary user of the website.

It’s unlikely that this official Oversight panel will result in a change of stance or policy from Facebook, but they are due to revisit the issue in half-a-years time.

Author: Casey Sims

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