Facebook Cancels Wholesome Show … For No Reason

‘Obviously, I was surprised’

TV show host Mike Rowe said Wednesday that his beloved web TV program, “Returning the Favor” — a Facebook Watch series that features Rowe traveling across America “in search of remarkable people making a difference in their communities” — is being canceled.

“I received a phone call yesterday from Facebook, telling me that [‘Returning the Favor’] would not be back for another season,” Rowe wrote to his Facebook followers. “Obviously, I was surprised. ‘Returning the Favor’ has been a very successful endeavor, and the feedback from everyone has been extraordinarily good – from the first favor returned, to the 100th. In fact, it’s the only program I ever worked on [that] never received a single, negative review, or one critical comment. In that way, it was truly unexampled.”


Source: The Blaze : Mike Rowe says Facebook is canceling his beloved ‘Returning the Favor’ web TV program despite its popularity

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