Exposed: Everything Democrats Don’t Want You To Know About HR1

H.R.1 a bill which attempts to link the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act and the For the People Act is shaping up to be yet another Democrat Wish List Act.

The bill includes language targeted and eliminating voter identification laws and also seeks to require main-in ballots systems by weight of federal authority.

Congress does not possess authority to micromanage how states run their own elections, however this bill seeks to penalize any states which require identification for voting or require that mail-in ballots be requested by voters.

According to the bill, Congress will have the ability to reduce a state’s seats if they break the proposed rules. In other words, the states which currently have secure election procedures, all Republican states, will have congressional seats taken away.

A convenient bill to save the Democrats, as the House is predicted to fall under Republican Majority in 2022.

Proponents of the bill argue that requiring ID is a form of voter suppression, claiming that Black and Brown voters have a more difficult time acquiring them.

Should the bill pass, the Democrats will leverage Section 5 of the 14th Amendment which gives Congress the power to “reduce a state’s representation… when the right to vote is denied.”

This bill would render Voter ID laws unconstitutional, eroding the integrity of our elections.

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