Exciting New Conservative Radio Host Announced

Westwood One made an exciting new announcement recently. A new conservative talk-radio host has been selected to fill the empty slot left by the great and influential Rush Limbaugh.

The great radio celebrity Limbaugh passed away on February 17 at 70 years of age after a year-long battle with lung cancer.

The new host, Dan Bongino, boasts an impressive resume that Westwood One believe makes him an excellent fit for the role.

Bongino is a former Secret service agent and NYPD officer. According to the company’s press release, his new show will focus on politics, and in particular “[debunk] both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.” They stated that his life experience makes him “uniquely positioned” to offer commentary on “the philosophical underpinnings” of “Big Government Republicans” and “the Left.”

Bongino said that he sees the role as “an incredible privilege,” and promised to “honor the trailblazing work” of his predecessors.

Westwood One points out that Bongino has found his own path to prominence since he retired from the Secret Service in 2011. He has authored multiple New York Times’ bestsellers as well as hosted a top-tier podcast which ranked #1 on Apple podcasts following the November 2020 election.

President of Westwood One, Suzanne Grimes, described Bongino as “passionate and relatable,” possessing “a natural ability” for connecting with a radio audience.

Bongino served the NYPD from 1995-1999, worked for the secret service from 2006-2011 and offers expertise on political strategy and international security to news outlets such as FOX news. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from City University of New York in addition to an MBA from Penn State University.

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