Even The Pope Doesn’t Want To Be Associated With Biden

You know you’re doing a piss-poor job as President when the leader of your own church wants absolutely nothing to do with you. This point was proven this week when for no reason whatsoever, the Vatican let it be known that it was cancelling its live broadcast of Biden’s meeting with the Pope of the catholic church, Pope Francis.

The broadcast showed President Biden arriving in the motorcade, but then the footage was cut off. The Vatican later announced that edited footage would be given out later.

They offered zero explanations as to why the broadcast was trimmed down. They took out all the coverage of Biden meeting and greeting Francis in the throne room at the palace, and the footage of them sitting down and speaking with each other. They said they will provide edited footage of the event at a later time.

The associated Press says this moment would have been very important simply because the Vatican has not allowed photographers or journalists that are independent to attend any audiences with the Pope since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, and they continue to state this as the reason for keeping media out of the Pope’s view.

The reasons why have been speculating among people, with lots of people wondering if the reason for this break in communication was a request from the Biden administration and his handlers. In other words, they want to know if the Democrats were worried that Biden would further embarrass himself as he does regularly because he is incapable of censoring himself from knowledge that is supposed to be private. He’s always mumbling and bumbling and saying things that are embarrassing for anyone, especially the President of the United States.

Biden is catholic, and is the second President to associated with this faith. However, his abortion stances have put him at odds with the catholic church and her officials. The Pope also believe abortion to be murder. In just a few weeks, U.S. bishops are meeting for the annual convention and one item on the agenda is Biden’s stance on abortion, and whether or not he should be allowed to receive communion.

Biden is likely to receive a strong rebuke from the church.

Author: Ben Bander