Even Liberals Are Sick Of Hearing About Jan 6

If only we could move on from January 6. America’s Liberal media won’t let us though, they continue to insist that a coup attempt or armed insurrection occurred on that day, despite the fact that nothing like that happened and nobody cares anymore. The only people still harping on about the events of that day are elites and mainstream media who have nauseated the public with their ceaseless moaning about it.

Even though most Americans have moved on with their lives to deal with actual, real world problems, they just can’t let it go, and it’s driving them absolutely crazy. They condescend, lecture about how the public is either ignorant or mistaken about what ‘really happened’ on January 6. Additionally, since the Democrats have no legislative achievements to boast about and no platform to run on except the broken doctrine of woke, they’re completely gutted when it comes to the 2022 midterm elections. As a backup, they’ve chosen a January 6 panic campaign strategy.

Even a liberal reporter, Michael Tracey, couldn’t help but mock his colleagues for overblowing the event. While it was a riot with some regrettable behaviors, it wasn’t anywhere near some Pearl Harbor or 9/11 incident as the Left would have people believe. Tracey’s exhaustion with the tired lie grew so great he wrote a letter to liberal America, telling them to “shut the hell up” about it.

In Tracey’s article, he admits that the ransacking of offices and goofy selfies were an “unusual” chapter in the course of our history, but laughs at the idea that it was a true coup attempt. He says the belief that “an attempt to seize by force the reigns of the most powerful state in world history… is so preposterous that you really have to be a special kind of deluded… to believe it.” He adds that if the people spreading such obvious B.S. aren’t deluded then they’re purposefully misinterpreting the facts for “some other political purpose.”

Tracey points out that the hyperbolic rhetoric surrounding the day has been used already as justification by Tech Giants to censor people from their platforms, targeting members of the political Right in their self-righteous war against the supposed threat to our Democratic Republic.

Tracey mocks the idea that “the American government [was] at risk of being “overthrown” as [Leftist politicians] have laughably suggested.”

Nobody actually cares about January 6, and most Americans are sick of the elite’s fragile, sheltered, entitled whine sessions about problems that don’t really exist.

Author: Thomas Walker