Epic Fail Compilation: Kamala Harris’s First 6 Months

The cookies incident was weird and uncomfortable, as was the entire Latin America trip. Kamala’s border visit answer made an abrupt shift as well. Let’s face it, Kamala Harris is an incompetent leader, and there’s a good reason that she didn’t even survive until Iowa during the Democratic nominations, even in spite of her splashy rollout and brown-female identity-based momentum. She’s plainly bad at politics, opaquely inauthentic, possessing poor instincts, a complete lack of gravitas and a tendency to rub people the wrong way, allies included. Concluding one of her first overseas diplomatic trips, she declared the entire affair a success, it was nothing short of cringeworthy.

It seems that people from both sides of the political aisle agree that she leaves something to be desired. CNN reported that Vice President Harris suffered “a difficult first foreign trip” after which “she was blasted by progressives” on charges of “not doing enough” in regards to “the ongoing problem at the border.” CNN quotes a Democratic strategist as saying that the Vice President will “be haunted by this trip. . . for as long as [she’s] in politics.”

But at least she has the support of the White House, right? Oh wait. . .

“Administration officials [were] quietly perplexed about. . . her bumpy answers to questions,” such as whether or not “she will go to the US-Mexico border.”

After supplying a real fail of an answer about her absence at the border, Harris appears to be caving in to what her defenders have tried to dismiss as a mere Republican talking point. Harris has recently made a commitment to visit the border after all. Clearly, this should have been done the moment that the task of border control was tasked to her by the president. Harris, a flimsy candidate as presidential hopeful now looks weaker than ever, dodging questions about the border for so many months and trying to deflect reporters that it’s not actually part of her job.

Despite her search for “root causes” of the immigration surge, she comes up short when attempting to explain it on US foreign policy and the weather. Instead it appears that Central American leaders have a better grasp on what’s actually causing this spike in border activity than our own White House does.

As it happens, every Democratic presidential-hopeful was in support of healthcare for illegal aliens during the campaign. However, even if it’s considered laudable that the United States might try and help it’s neighbor improve their situation so as to remove the temptation of illegal migration, the “root cause” theory is completely off point. Recent information reveals why fixing Mexico wouldn’t be enough.

Axios reported that over 30% of all families who crossed the US-Mexico border in April were from a-typical countries of origin, composed of migrants from over 160 different countries. Mexico is merely a railway into the U.S. from abroad, because Canada is too cold to be worth the effort.

But the fact that a third of the 180,000 illegal migrants that attempted to cross the border in May come from a smattering of 160 countries means that even if we could marginally improve the situation in Mexico, the true problem is global in scale, and so the solution would have to match. Simply unfeasible.

The simple fact is, the best way to stop the illegal migrant surge is to get tough about border control, and make the border just that, a border.

Author: Melinda Welch