Energy Secretary Taunts Drivers Of Non-Electric Cars

Biden’s Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, gave a briefing to the press on Tuesday at the White House, taking questions about the recent gasoline crisis caused by a cyberattack against the Colonial Pipeline.

A reporter asked how the event impacted the administration’s goal of moving to renewable energy. Granholm responded by saying that the administration is “all in” on achieving the goals of “clean electricity” and “net-zero carbon emissions.” She then went a step further, saying that if people were already driving electric cars “this would not be affecting you, clearly.”

Colonial Pipeline has resumed operation, however, gasoline’s journey from the Gulf Coast to New York takes 14 days and 16 hours, meaning that the recovery period may be protracted by as long as two weeks.

Patrick De Haan, analyst at GasBuddy, said that Americans should expect shortages to worsen over the next 48 hours before they start to get better.

Bloomberg News offered a more sobering prediction of 7-14 days of fuel shortages for people living in the most affected regions, namely Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Author: Stephen Erickson

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