Energy Secretary Slips — Admits Republicans Are Right

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm confessed the obvious in front of a panel of reporters at the White House on Tuesday. Her comments come in the midst of gas shortages in 17 states due to a cyberattack against the Colonial Pipeline system, and just a scant 4 months after President Joe Biden shut down construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

A reporter sked Granholm if it were realistic to transport fuel to affected regions using rail cars, in response, Granholm said that while the government is exploring that option “the pipe is the best way to go.” She went on to say that while they are still attempting to mobilize alternative oil delivery methods to the affected regions, she is hoping that the Colonial pipeline will be able to “restore operations.”

Despite Biden’s own energy secretary admitting that pipelines are the best method for delivering oil, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed that the administration may still ban pipeline projects in the future.

A reporter asked Psaki if the administration were rethinking their stance on pipelines given the intense fallout from the temporary shutdown of Colonial. Psaki responded by saying that the administration doesn’t see the issue “through that prism” but rather investigates each pipeline “individually” for its economic and environmental impact.

Author: Chadwick Malone

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