Elitist Billionaire Leaks Plans To Build Democrat Utopia — Literally

Marc Lore, billionaire and former Walmart executive revealed plans last week to create utopia from scratch out in the American desert. His new city will be named Telosa along the lines of the Greek word telos which translates as “highest purpose.” The goal of Telosa is to solve the wealth gap in America which Lore believes is the country’s greatest challenge.

Lore says that “most civilizations” fall at some point, and suggested that his radically superior city of Telosa will “bring down America.”

Before he goes full-scale, Lore is making a 150,000-acre test bed that will be flush with all of the latest eco-friendly architecture, drought-resistant water systems, and sustainable energy production.

Lore emphasizes that the goal of Telosa is to make a city which is “equitable, sustainable… that’s our North Star.” The city, according to Lore, will be “the most open… fair… inclusive city in the world.”

His group of planners are considering regions in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and potentially the Appalachian region for the city’s location.

Lore says that the inspiration for his governmental model come from the social theorist and American economist Henry George. His book, “Progress and Poverty” which was published in 1879 claims that the source of inequality is private land ownership.

Lore says that many of the “significant flaws” that come out of capitalism trace themselves back to a “land ownership model” that defines much of America’s founding.

He acknowledges that American capitalism is a fine “growth engine” but criticized it as causing “increasing inequality.” Lore’s solution to the problem? An untested and poorly defined economic system called “equitism” based on the principles of “inclusive growth.”

Lore explains that if Telosa is successful in taking valueless desert and rolling tax dollars into infrastructure, that the foundation of the city might be worth trillions. He says that this value will be returned to citizens as affordable housing, education, medicine, social services, etc.

The first phase of his plan involves a mere 1,500 acres of land meant to accommodate 50,000 Telosans, the project would have a built-complete date of 2030 and cost $25 billion to make. The growth plan projects that the city will cover 100 times that area by 2070 and house 5 million people.

Lore’s personal worth is reported as $4 billion.

Concept renderings of the imaginary city created by Bjarke Ingles Group of Copenhagen show a green city rife with air-taxi transportation.

Lore is not the first lofty entrepreneur who has set out to make a new city from scratch, and he will probably not be the last.

Author: June Johnson