Elites Panic As Conservative “Agendas” Take Over Blue States

Without even breaking the halfway mark on the year 2021, there have been over 500 pro-life bills introduced across America so far and 61 of them have passed into law in 13 states. Despite being under one of the most staunchly pro-abortion administrations in the country’s history, states are choosing life despite what federal lawmakers would impose on the country.

President Joe Biden and his Democratic Congress would not even consider a bill introduced at the federal level, designed to protect the lives of babies which are born alive after a failed abortion procedure. Pro-abortion Democrats blocked the bill in Senate.

State level actions have the pro-abortion movement on it’s heels. The Guttmacher Institute, and organization which tracks abortion related legislation, said that the year 2021 could turn into “the most damaging anti-abortion. . . session in a decade. . . perhaps ever.”

Chief Media and Policy Strategist Kristi Hamrick of Students for Life Action and Life of America said that these laws mark a powerful trend. Bucking Planned Parenthood and “Corporate Abortion” in the courts represents the will of the American people. She says that warrantless abortions throughout the full 9 month pregnancy term is “not what people want” and that Americans are rejecting “the abortion radicalism that Planned Parenthood is selling.”

Research associate at the Busch School of Business Dr. Michael New weighed in on the matter as well.

He points out that there are 3 key takeaways from the recent legislation.

First, that pro-life movements can make “impressive progress” at the state level, even under a Democratic federal administration.

Second, that efforts to elect Republicans are paying off as right-wing controlled states have a much easier time passing laws which protect unborn children.

And lastly, that even in the Democrat states, pro-life movements are doing a great job at defending unborn lives.

Life is winning despite the efforts of the Democrat party and the Biden-Harris administration.

Author: Esther McCormick

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