Don Trump Jr. Predicts Serious Backfire On Democrats, See Why …

Donald Trump Jr. blasted the impeachment process underway against his father and explained why he believes the plan is backfiring against Democrats.

“It’s actually, I think, showing, again, the American people how ridiculous it is, how far it’s gone,” former President Donald Trump’s eldest son told Laura Ingraham on her Quake Media program on Tuesday. “And I think they’re actually shooting themselves in the foot because I think they’ve lost all credibility to sort of be the arbiters of truth, because no one believes them to be truthful.”

He continued: “They just realize that they’re totally political, biased partisan hacks. And we’ve known that for a while. But they keep showing us how much worse it actually is than we could have even thought every day.”

The former president’s son pointed out past remarks from Democrats that many believe were incitements of violence, including a comment from Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters in which she encouraged Democrats to tell Trump staffers that they “aren’t welcome” and to harass them in public.

“That’s not an insurrection,” Trump said. “It’s only an insurrection when Donald Trump says, ‘Hey, make your voice heard. Do so peacefully.’ That’s somehow insurrection.”

“The stupidity of what’s being pushed by these people, by the media, it’s actually mind-boggling,” he added.

He also delivered a sharp warning to Republicans across the country, telling them that they “better fight” if they intend to win elections because Democrats intend to “weaponize” accusations of domestic terrorism, the coronavirus, and mail-in voting.

“If the Republicans don’t get out there, if they don’t act, if they don’t come back, if they do what they do best, which is, you know, turn the other cheek, pretend they’re standing on principles, and get their butts handed to them, they’ll never win another election again,” Trump told Ingraham. “So they better have learned from this to make sure that we actually have fairness in our elections, that we actually do things right, that they can’t be manipulated this way, or that just the notion of them and their jobs, et cetera, won’t exist in a couple of years.”

The former president’s Senate impeachment trial enters its second day on Wednesday following opening arguments from both sides on Tuesday.

Democrats have charged the former president with “incitement of insurrection” for his rhetoric leading up to the Capitol siege last month and launched a trial that Republicans, including Sen. Rand Paul, have argued is unconstitutional because a new president is in office and Trump is now a private citizen.

Following yesterday’s opening arguments, all but six Senate Republicans voted that the process was unconstitutional, signaling that Democrats likely won’t be able to secure conviction votes from the 17 GOP senators they need to ban Trump from future office.

Author: Andrew Mark Miller

Source: Washington Examiner: Don Trump Jr. blasts ‘mind-boggling’ impeachment process and predicts it will backfire on Democrats

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