Domestic Terrorist Group Takes Hundreds Of Americans Hostage

The Democrats favorite domestic terrorist group is at it again. Black Lives Matter “protesters” vandalized and looted a Wegmans outlet in Rochester, New York on Tuesday afternoon, holding 100 Wegmans customers as hostages the whole while.

As the mob approached the grocery store, members chanted “We’re shutting s*** down!”

About 200 protesters mobbed the store, trapping and holding 100 customers inside.

Rochester journalist Bob Lonsberry reported that the local police department decided to just watch and let it happen. “An embarrassing day for the city and the PD,” he remarked.

The protest was organized in response to the death of Daniel Prude, a black man who passed away one week after his encounter with the Rochester Police Department.

The autopsy reported that Prude died of “asphyxia… due to excited delirium due to… phencyclidine intoxication.” Meaning he exhausted himself on PCP. The police report corroborates this, the paramedic described Prude as experiencing “increased heart rate and respiration; overheating…. sweating… excessive strength, a high tolerance for pain… incoherent speech.”

Officers placed a mesh hood over Prudes head, specifically designed to control spitting in order to protect officers from saliva. Prude was reportedly claiming to have COVID and repeatedly spitting on officers.

Eventually, the mob parted, and Wegmans stated that all customers were able to leave safely, though the store will remain closed due to damages.

Author: Brandon McBride

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