DOJ Caught Helping Democrats Hide The Truth about 2020

The Biden administration is attempting to throw their weight around in Maricopa County where an ongoing ballot audit is taking place.

The Arizona audit saw new opposition on May 5 when the Department of Justice sent Karen Fann, the Arizona Senate President, a letter expressing concerns about the review.

The DOJ action was prompted by a letter sent from the radical left-wing Brennan Center which asked the DOJ to intervene in the audit.

The DOJ apparently took the Brennan Center’s suggestion seriously, demanding that the Arizona audit give a “response to the concerns described herein” and claims that explanations of process were needed to “ensure that violations. . . do not occur.”

The U.S. Constitution grants the power of election oversight to state legislatures only, no federal agencies have authority to interfere with a state audit.

Democrats failed four times in their efforts to block the audit by attempted lawsuits aimed at the Arizona Senate.

The simple fact that the DOJ issued a letter in the first place is strange, given the strict constitutional differences in state and federal rights. The DOJ’s attempt to interfere in this audit are likely to have no success, just like the Democrats failed lawsuits.

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