Did Biden Plan The Suicide Bombing? All Arrows Point To Yes

The Former Deputy Assistant For The Secretary Of Defense in charge of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Mr. Roger Pardo-Maurer, dropped some bombshell information during one of his interviews. And if it’s true, it could change the course of Biden’s presidency, and the future of America itself.

Jorge Bonilla, The Director of the MRC Latino, posed the interview online with Pardo-Maurer. Pardo-Maurer was in the Department of the State for years, at least since 2001, and said that the DOD was already aware of a suicide bombing ahead of time, and that they even knew when the attack in Kabul would occur, but did nothing.

The intelligence communications report said that the United State government knew where the attack would take place and when it would take place at the airport in Kabul, and that they even knew the Abbey Gate, where the attack occurred, was the gate with the highest risk factor.

Democrats are trying to question the report, but a spokesperson from the Pentagon, John Kirby, is refusing to talk about it and is railing against the leak. Overcompensating much?

Pardo-Maurer delved into even more information in the interview though, and it’s extremely incriminating. He said that no only did the government know when and where the attack would happen, but they actually had a drone locked onto the suicide bomber. He said that the government just refused to give permission to kill the guy, and repeated requests for permission were denied. When asked why the government would do this, he said it’s because the US government didn’t want to ruin their ongoing negotiations with the Taliban, who are trying to gain control over their people and the government.

So, in a nutshell, we didn’t kill the guy or save our marines because were afraid we might anger the Taliban if we took the shot. Wow… Not only have we given the Taliban power over us, but we didn’t save our own soldiers and people because there was a chance it would disturb the enemy. Nice move, Biden.

There are of course more questions to be answered, like who exactly refused the order. But the truth is, all this corruption is coming from the top. And we all know who that means.

Author: George Bates