Dictator Biden Orders Businesses To Break The Law

After facing a major loss in court, the Biden administration demanded that businesses should ignore the federal ruling against President Biden’s vaccine mandate and begin implementing it anyway.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Deputy Press Secretary said during a Monday media briefing that “people should not wait… they should continue to move forward… getting their workplace vaccinated.”

On Saturday a panel of judges from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Biden’s vaccine mandate must be paused given concerns about the constitutionality of such an order. The lawsuit to halt the mandate was brought forward by several states, including South Carolina, Mississippi, Utah, Louisiana, and Texas.

The ruling said in part that due to “statutory and constitutional issues” regarding the president’s mandate, it “is hereby stayed” and subject to review by the court.

The court offered the Biden administration until 5:00 that evening to give an answer to the ruling and enact a response for the permanent injunction.

The ruling comes as a major blow to the Biden administration which weaponized the Centers for Disease Control at the beginning of its term until court rulings ended their reign of terror. Looking for more avenues to micromanage the lives’ of everyday Americans, the administration turned to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as a means of forcing needles into the arms of those unwilling to receive vaccines.

Biden’s mandate required that all federal employees, all employees of federal contractors, and all those employed by businesses with 100 or greater employees to vaccinate all staff by January 4th or face stiff penalties. Private entities could alternatively perform weekly COVID-19 screenings on employees, but without any cost assistance.

A top lawyer from Biden’s Labor Department, Seema Nanda, said ahead of the ruling that if it didn’t go their way that Biden’s administration would fight the order.

Nanda claims that the emergency order authorized by Congress regarding the pandemic gave explicit authority to OSHA to give fast policy responses if the agency believes that workers are being subject to “grave danger” and can implement standards “necessary to protect them.”

David Vladeck, a Georgetown University law professor, said that the case is a prime subject for turning into a Supreme Court case.

Vladeck expressed that justices currently on the Supreme Court would like to “reign in the administrative state,” and pointed out that Biden’s unconstitutional mandate is an issue which would likely bring “those concerns… to the fore.”

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