DeSantis Targets Social Media ‘Zealots’ — Brings Them To Their Knees

Ron DeSantis is making lots of waves in the political arena as of late. Particularly since Trump announced that if he runs in 2024, DeSantis could be his running mate.

But DeSantis made headlines again this week, not for partnering up with Trump, but for fighting back against the ‘woke’ nonsense that is taking over every corner of our society.

DeSantis promised to end ridiculous social media bans. Social media censorship has been on the rise since the election, and really drew attention after Facebook and Twitter purged President Trump from their sites, while he was still President. Yep. The President of the United States, the free world leader, was banned.

DeSantis is sick and tired of social media companies muzzling politicians they don’t agree with, so he’s finally done something about it. Florida just passed a law that literally bans the bans. Any company that bans politicians from their media platforms will be fined $250,000 daily for state politicians and $25,000 daily for local or other elected officials. The law still allows for temporary, two-week bans and posts to be removed.

Liberals are losing their minds about this new law, calling it “unconstitutional.” But Republicans argue that even though the companies are technically private, they’ve moved out of the private market and are now used for public utility. Citizens use these companies to share information, make charitable donations and for ecommerce, which makes them more of a utility for the public. This public status puts these companies under the umbrella of regulation by the government.

Companies that brandish this much power should not tailor to one political party or the other. They have the power to influence elections, as evidenced by the 2020 election, and they need to be stopped. We’re just happy Governor DeSantis is taking the first step into making that happen.

Author: Velma Strickland

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