DeSantis Gives Persecuted Police Officers Exactly What They Deserve

Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis announced on Sunday that he will soon be signing legislation that will incentivize the relocation of police officers from other states to his own following a long list of Democrat governments imposing vaccine mandates against their law enforcement bodies.

DeSantis spoke to Maria Bartiromo of Fox News, explaining that the new legislation is designed to protect Florida’s existing police force while also recruiting out-of-state officers. He said that the state’s law enforcement was in need of such a bill.

DeSantis said that the legislation he hopes to sign will offer “a $5000 bonus” for law enforcement professionals who relocate to the Sunshine State. He called out to officers of “NYPD, Minneapolis, Seattle,” and told them that they would be treated better in Florida than in their current situation. He promised that Florida had an “important need” for such law enforcement professionals and promised fair compensation.

During his interview, DeSantis attacked Democrat President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates as “unconstitutional,” promising that he would tirelessly defend the residents of his state from having to choose between their livelihood and a vaccine.

Last month, Biden signed an executive order that mandated vaccines for all federal employees, and separately announced vaccine mandates for employers who have 100 or more employees. Businesses could alternatively subject their employees to weekly coronavirus testing.

DeSantis said that Biden’s executive orders were not just unconstitutional, but that the president “does not have the authority to do this,” he also said that the practical effect of Biden’s overreaching order is to chip away at liberty and people’s personal medical choice. DeSantis underscored how the order will soon “wreak havoc in the economy” due to the number of people who are willing to walk away from their jobs over the issue.

DeSantis said that in Florida, “nobody should lose their job… based off these injections.” He added that the law in Florida would always remain “very clear:” that vaccination is a personal choice that people can make, but the highest priority of the government is protecting and supporting people’s jobs and livelihoods.

Author: Sean Baker