Desantis Gets Fired Up — Puts Biden In His Place

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, finally took aim and Biden on Wednesday, to dismantle all the criticism that Biden threw his way regard rising COVID cases in Florida. DeSantis says Biden is trying to single out the people of Florida over the Chinese Coronavirus, and he’s not having it.

DeSantis says, that as far as he can tell, Biden’s entire presidency rested on the idea that he was going to come in shut down this deadly virus. But instead, Biden has purposefully and intentionally pumped hundreds of thousands of COVID-infected illegals into the country by keeping the southern border wide open.

DeSantis says that there are floods of illegals pouring across the border every month, and it not even all from Mexico. He says there are more than 100 different countries that have people streaming in from the southern border. And it doesn’t stop there. They aren’t just letting them cross – they are then pumping them right into communities all across the nation, giving them access to services and healthcare.

DeSantis went on to say that these people are being rewarded for coming to the US illegally, because Biden is then shuttling them onto buses and planes, regardless of whatever variant they may or may not be carrying. DeSantis says Biden isn’t doing anything to stop the spread of COVID, he’s the one causing it.

DeSantis then blasted Biden for trying to force kids to wear masks in their schools, and for thinking that parents shouldn’t have a choice about this. DeSantis went on to say that parents will be able to make this critical choice, not the state in Florida. And DeSantis didn’t stop there. He told Biden he was literally “insane” for trying to make children keep a mask on at home with their parents.

He then torched Biden for trying to mandate vaccines, letting him know that in Florida, it will be the choice of the individual as to whether or not they took the vaccine. He also said that vaccine passports will have no place in the sunshine state, especially the Biden administration is trying to make it easier to vote than it is to go to the gym or out to eat.

DeSantis said that Florida is a free state, and that the people will be free to make decisions about themselves, their child’s education, their families and about how they provide financial support for their loved ones. Biden told DeSantis that if he doesn’t do lockdowns then he should “get out of the way.” But DeSantis says if he tries to take away the rights and freedoms of the people of Florida, “I’m standing in your way.”

DeSantis says he refuses to let Biden get away with his tyranny. That he is going to stand up for the children and people in Florida, and not let Biden destroy their livelihoods. That Biden needs to do his own job, and stop trying to tell Desantis how to do his.

Author: Walker Liechty