Dems Offended By Bigoted Babies

A new “equity and diversity” training is being pushed by the Arizona Dept. of Education. The new “anti-racist” program is meant to help teachers fight racism in toddlers, age zero to two.

In order to save white babies from growing up as helplessly racist members of society, a toolkit has been provided to teachers as a learning aid.

Among the recommended reading in the toolkit is a pamphlet which instructs white parents on “How [to] Talk to Their Kids About Race,” which outlines that three month old children, can “recognize racial differences” before they can even speak.

There’s also emphasis placed on ensuring that at such an early age, it’s crucial that white parents should make an effort to be seen engaging in “close, warm, intimate, trusting and caring relationships” with non-white’s.

The educational pamphlet also instructs parents to ensure that the child has a “home environment” that purposefully “challenges” the many “messages privileging whiteness” in their life.

The Arizona Department of Education is actively teaching a racist program, leading children to believe that white people are so innately evil that without direct intervention, they will grow up to be horrible racists.

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