Democrats Try To Sound ‘Gun Smart’ — Completely Humiliate Themselves

President Biden and Vice President Harris made calls for mandatory gun buybacks of common semiautomatic rifles while on campaign.

A mandatory gun buyback is indistinguishable from confiscation, except in that the government offers some petty cash in exchange for the guns, ordinarily between $50 and $200.

Biden supported gun buybacks during the 2020 campaign saying that “it should be demanded” and “I would buy back [assault] weapons.”

In 2019, presidential hopeful Kamala Harris said that she supported mandatory buybacks of semiautomatic firearms, by stating “I think it’s a good idea.”

Harris describes commonly owned firearms such as AR-15s as “weapons of war,” suggesting that there are as many as “five million” of such rifles in private hands. However, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which tracks industry sales of firearms reported that the number is closer to “an estimated 19.8 million.”

That means Biden and Harris will need to find a way to confiscate 20 million firearms, AK-47s, AR-15s and variants thereof. When the buyback programs fail, that’s going to be a lot of doors to kick in.

Author: Brad Powell

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