Democrats Thrown Into Tailspin As DeSantis Forms His Own Militia

If there’s one thing the Democrats can’t stand, it’s people standing up for their freedoms, especially when they are exercising their right to bear arms. The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, is doing his best to get Florida’s State guard back in working order. If you aren’t familiar with the state guard in Florida, it’s a military force that is civilian-based.

It serves the purpose of being able to respond quickly when there are emergencies in the state. Traditionally this has been for when hurricanes and emergencies of other types occur, but it could be used for anything.

There are lots of states that actually have a civilian force, like California and New York. But Democrats are of course throwing a fit because it’s a Republican state that is trying to re-establish their own force. They came completely unhinged after DeSantis made the announcement.

In fact, liberal media’s biggest player, CNN, grabbed the story immediately and made it go viral.

The homepage of CNN said that DeSantis was gathering a military force of civilians and that he would be in direct control of the force. Even in the story text itself, it’s not until four paragraphs in that CNN lets readers know that 23 other states also have such a force.

Liberals are saying that DeSantis can’t be trusted to have a military force to use at his discretion. They are trying to claim that DeSantis is preparing for war, and compared him to violent leaders in middle-eastern countries like Iraq.

They’ve even gone as far as to say this is just the start of DeSantis’ ‘Red Army’ and make the hilarious claim that GOP leaders are preparing for war, when everyone knows it is the Democrats who are the antagonists.

They took it a step further, claiming that DeSantis is trying to head up his own nuclear weapons program, all while trying to label America’s favorite governor as a fascists and authoritarian dictator.

DeSantis cleared up the rumors though, saying that he just wants to be sure that Florida has the ability to respond to any events that occur in the state quickly and efficiently.

Author: Ramelle Weidow