Democrats Start Arresting All Those Who Speak Out Against Them

Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, who went viral for sounding the alarm on failures of leadership within the military during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal has reportedly been sent to the brig.

Stuart Scheller’s dad, Stu Scheller Sr., spoke to Task & Purpose and explained that all his son did was ask questions that everyone was already thinking, he just said it out loud. According to Stu Sr., his son demanded accountability and an apology, but leadership wouldn’t do it.

Scheller skyrocketed into internet stardom with a viral video posted on Facebook that blasted military leaders for the failed U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. In the video, he questioned command decisions that led to the chaotic events of the final days of the evacuation.

Scheller went on to issue several more videos, receiving praise and causing controversy and drawing ire from military leadership. He was eventually instructed to stop posting on social media altogether, a gag order which he failed to comply with.

Scheller knew that speaking his piece would land him in the brig. In his last post, he said that the consequences being brought against him were the result of “speak[ing] truth [when] no one wants to hear it.” He signed off by adding that he was “ready for jail” at 8 a.m. the next morning by order of Colonel Emmel.

The officer’s current state was described as “in pre-trial confinement” by a spokesperson from the Training and Education Command. The statement added that it has not yet been determined when and where his trial proceedings will take place.

Scheller Sr. defended his son’s actions, saying that all that was being requested was “accountability” amongst military top brass, the same as what is expected of him and his fellow soldiers.

Scheller Sr. added that he’s been contacted by military veterans who applauded his son’s courage and asked if it was worth it. He tells them that for simply demanding honesty and accountability from senior leaders, he’s been placed in jail.

Author: Cory Hardy