Democrats Split Over Omar — House Republicans Move In For The Kill

House Republicans are pressing forward with a resolution to depose Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) of her House Foreign Affairs Committee position. The move comes after Omar made public remarks comparing Israel and the United States to terrorist organizations such as the Taliban and Hamas, however, Democrats have vowed to defend Omar.

On Sunday, senior Democrats including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) backtracked on an earlier statement in which they demanded that Omar make a “clarification” to her statements comparing liberal democracies with terrorist regimes. They say that their message was not a rebuke, instead claiming that they do not actually condemn Omar as she is a “valued” member of their party.

Last week, Omar wrote on Twitter that both the U.S, Israel, Hamas, and the Taliban were all responsible for “unthinkable atrocities.” After being called out for the ridiculous comparison, she tried to walk back and claim that she was merely referencing cases which appear before the International Criminal Court. She was, however, entirely unable to cite any specific examples of Israel or the U.S. committing “crimes against humanity,” or “atrocities.”

The movement to censor Omar is headed up by Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and he’s expected to put the motion on the fast-track to quickly remove Omar from her assignment on the committee. This is similar to what Democrats did to Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) following on her controversial remarks. The motion has been officially marked as “privileged” which places it ahead of other House business.

Eight Republicans authored a letter to Pelosi last week, demanding that the Speaker take action of her own against Omar, and reminding Pelosi that as the leading party representative in the House, it’s her responsibility to “hold accountable egregious words and actions,” when they are made by her party.

Republicans also introduced a separate resolution to censure Omar and other ‘squad’ members for quickly rushing to defend Omar for her radical statements as well as many anti-Semitic comments. When Pelosi first spoke out against Omar, her fellow squad members Rashida Tlaim (D-MI) and Alexandria Ocazio-Cortez (D-NY) rushed to support her, and accused Pelosi of being racist for “policing women of color.”

Democrats are clearly concerned with the large degree of internal conflict. Even after Omar “clarified” her comments, she then turned around and lashed out against Jewish Democrats for condemning her remarks instead of supporting them, and other ‘squad’ members quickly joined her.

Omar accused Democrats who called her out as being guilty of “Islamophobia,” and “harassment.” She then went into a pity party about how “Muslim women in Congress,” and “Congresswomen of color” face “exclusive tone policing” and are never given “the benefit of the doubt.”

Author: Josh Williamson