Democrats Run Amok With Taxpayer-Funded Credit Card — Who Will Stop Them?

As the already untenable national debt rose enormously following the multi trillion dollar spending of the pandemic, inflation continues to soar, with top business leaders openly voicing their concerns that it won’t scale back anytime soon. Democrats already managed to spend $2 trillion in completely partisan ‘COVID relief,’ dramatically hampering any hope of economic recovery, but not satisfied at that, the Biden administration and Democrats are seeking to add another $3.5 trillion to the debt, using political maneuvering to skirt support from Republican lawmakers and use enormous amounts of American taxpayer money to fund longtime socialist wish-list items such as free college, green energy, marijuana cards for illegals, and massive expansion of Medicare.

The spending package is equivalent to the entire 2010 federal budget meaning that the Democrats funding for their special interests is the same amount that the U.S. spent on literally everything in 2010, from military spending, to infrastructure, to foreign aid, Medicare, Social Security, etc.

On Wednesday, Democrats and President Biden vowed to force through their $3.5 trillion budget plan to radically expand environmental and social welfare programs. The plan involves massive tax hikes on businesses and the rich in order to fund technology that combats ‘climate change.’ The plan would make prekindergarten universal, offer every citizen two years of free college, demand clean energy initiatives from utility companies and massively expand Medicare benefits.

But moderate Democrats in the House are secretly expressing concerns and doubts about the spending package to reporters. Nancy Pelosi has a hard hill to climb as she has very little room in the lower chamber for dissent and Chuck Schumer has exactly zero cushion in the Senate as they attempt to pass the bill without a hair’s worth of Republican support.

Don’t forget that while Democrats are pretending that the $3.5 trillion bill is a bipartisan decision, they actually have bipartisan support for a $600 billion spending hike that they’re going to pass. This brings the grand total of new spending to a whopping $4.1 trillion. This type of spending can be thought of in no other terms than irresponsible as the U.S. faces the greatest ration of debt to economic output in it’s history.

Author: Joan Holland