Democrats Reveal Their Plans For The Future — It Makes Obama Look Like a Republican

President Biden and Vice President Harris are supporting mandatory gun buybacks, forcing Americans to surrender their guns to the government in exchange for minimal compensation.

Several Democrats have publicly voiced their support for such a policy, such as press secretary Jen Psaki, Senior Advisor to the Office of Public Engagement, Cedric Richmond and Deputy Chief of Staff Jennifer O’Malley Dillon. Comments from these individuals were made before Biden hired them.

Mandatory gun buybacks are no different than confiscation, only they require citizens to turn their firearms to the police, rather than the police come take them from American’s residencies.

When asked about mandatory gun buybacks, Richmond said that “That’s something I would not rule out.” and then said about guns such as AR-15’s “These are weapons of mass destruction.”

When Harris was asked about buybacks, she tersely responded “I think it’s a good idea.”

Democrats praised Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) when he said during the 2020 presidential debates, “Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15, AK-47.”

Psaki responded to O’Rourke with enthusiasm, giddily asking him to disarm America. “take guns” she said.

While comments such as these are not necessarily reflective of the Biden administrations official position, it is notable that so many members of Biden’s cabinet are calling for outright gun confiscation.

In response to a Colorado shooting that killed 10 people who were shopping in a grocery store, Democrats have made renewed calls for gun control.

The White House has confirmed Biden’s original stance on gun buybacks being voluntary, as well as suggesting that “assault weapons” be registered under the National Firearms Act.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), said that he is planning to bring gun control bills to the Senate floor following the Colorado shootings, and Harris has publicly called on legislators to push new gun control laws.
Harris said that Biden has not ruled out using executive action to limit firearms access, and lamented that “lasting” action on gun control will require a bill to be passed.

Some Republican representatives have expressed openness to negotiating with Democrats on a gun control bill, though it is uncertain what degree of common ground exists between the Democrats and the RINOs in terms of specific gun control policy.

Author: Sarah Thompson

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