Democrats Realize They Can’t Get Guns — Go For This Instead

New legislation has been put forward in Pennsylvania that would register all ammunition sales and owners and be paid for by a 5 cent per bullet tax. The legislation was introduced by two state House Democrats, Representative Stephen Kinsey, and Representative Manny Guzman.

The bill would create a state police database of every round of ammunition sold in Pennsylvania.

The proposed legislation, even more absurd in the details of its execution, would demand of ammunition manufacturers that every cartridge be serially encoded, and that the tracking information be submitted to the Pennsylvania State Police for their new database.

The memo attached to the legislation said that the reasoning behind the bill is to give police another means of tracking criminal activity since, as the letter alleges, police are frequently left with nothing but “a victim and a bullet.” It adds that with bullet serialization police would be given “tools that they need,” in solving violent crimes.

The memo adds that serialization would be a more reliable way of determining ownership than forensic ballistic techniques. It just entirely passes over the fact that much ammunition is traded, gifted, sold or otherwise disposed of by individuals who were not the original retail purchaser.

To pay for the government’s half of this poorly conceived scheme, an additional tax of 5 cents per round would be added. For reference, before pandemic and political forces caused ammunition prices to skyrocket, common rounds such as 9mm could be purchased for about $0.15, making a 5 cent fixed tax equal a 25% increase in the ammunitions cost, and that’s before the cost increase from the manufacturer which would necessarily come as a consequence of microstamping technology for these never-before-in-existence serialized bullets.

Pennsylvania Director for Gun Owners of America, Val Finnell, warns that a plan is nothing less than registration of ammunition, and said that a tax on ammo is a tax of a constitutional right. Finnell also warned that just like with guns, registration is “a prelude to confiscation,” because a database of ammunition owners is a tool for law enforcement to know who has ammo to confiscate.

Finnell continued by stating that the “agenda” of the Philadelphia Democrat party is to work towards “registration and confiscation” of all firearms under the ruse of “common-sense gun laws,” and “help[ing] police,” but points out that the only people affected by their actions are law-abiding citizens.

Author: Dustin Larson