Democrats Radical Agenda Gets Shot Down By One Of Their Own

Democrat President Joe Biden’s overreaching socialist plans are on the ropes, with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) once again affirming his opposition to the $3.5 trillion reconciliation plan.

Manchin spoke to reporters on Capitol Hill, telling them that he would not allow the American economy nor the society to continue it’s movement “toward an entitlement mentality.” He emphasized that such spending must be used on those who “really need help,” and that such government aids are only possible because “those who can help themselves do so.”

The statement shortly follows the breaking news that back in July, Manchin offered a compromise with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and in effect, the entire White House, for a $1.5 trillion reconciliation.

The senator from West Virginia has been handing out his document to Democratic allies and leaders recently as a way of underscoring the red lines he won’t cross for Biden’s spending plan. The single-page understanding has the date of July 28, just prior to the Senate’s passing of a bipartisan infrastructure bill that Manchin helped author. In the document, Manchin supports many of the left’s tax increases such as corporate tax rates of 25%, capital gains set at 28%, or top income tax rates of 39.6%, but Machin’s outline requires that any revenue which exceeds the $1.5 trillion reconciliation will be put towards deficit reduction.

On Wednesday night, ahead of voting on the $3.5 trillion bill, Manchin slapped the proposal, arguing that it’s complete “fiscal insanity” that will reengineer the country.

Manchin’s notice argues that it’s reckless to pursue further government expansion when the nation already can’t financially support existing social programs such as Medicare and Social Security. He emphasizes how pursuing such spending affects everyday Americans by harming them with inflation.

Manchin insists that spending must be balanced and take in to consideration what is actually needed, and what can be afforded. He slammed Democrats for attempting to “vengefully tax” high earners for the mere “sake of wishful spending.”

Manchin promised to defeat any bill which did not properly acknowledge “the brutal fiscal reality” of America today, and added that spending needs to be focused on providing a better America for coming generations.

Author: Spencer Barber