Democrats Pay The Ultimate Price For Their Tyrannical Policies

Democrats thought that if they used the law unconstitutionally to force citizens and workers to take the vaccine, that everyone would just bow to their will – but they were wrong. Across the nation, thousands of nurses and doctors were fired after Biden made vaccines a requirement, and they refused to take it.

Northwell health is the biggest healthcare provider in New York State, employing over 76,000 people. They announced that they went on and fired 1,400 of their workers when they refused to be vaccinated against COVID, they made this announcement on Monday.

With Omicron wreaking havoc on the country, and a massage surge in cases, the CDC is moving forward with their contingency plan to try and fill gaps at clinics and hospitals around the country that are suffering vacancies thanks to Democrats’ bad policies.

The CDC updated their guidance over the weekend to say that maintaining an appropriate level of staff in health facilities around the nation is an essential part of providing safe work environments for healthcare providers and for accurate care for patients. They say that as the pandemic progresses, shortages in staffing will likely happen because of illness, exposure, or the need to take care of family during the pandemic. They say health facilities should be prepared for the impending shortages and have processes and plan ready to go to help mitigate them. They say this should include communication with providers about what the facility is doing to take care of these shortages, maintaining safety for the providers and giving resources to help deal with provider stress and anxiety. The CDC says that when these shortages are expected, employers and healthcare facilities should collaborate with their HR and occupational services to plan for this and mitigate the issues.

They also said that crisis strategies may need to be used to provide care to patients. The White House is also preparing to deal with the impending crisis by using the military to help mitigate the shortages wherever they are needed. Biden’s mandate for Medicare and Medicaid workers is preparing to be heard at SCOTUS next week, which may make a huge difference in the upcoming months.

Author: Tammy Turner