Democrats Panic As Long-Held Blue Stronghold Flips Red

Longtime considered a Democrat fortress, an Iowa state House District just turned Red by electing a Republican candidate, Jon Dunwell with a sweeping 60% of the vote during a special election last Tuesday.

The seat has been under Democrat control for decades, with the last Republican elected to that office having left in 1992. The seat opened up when the incumbent representative left the position for a job with Iowa’s Law Enforcement Academy, and the state governor, Kim Reynolds (R-IA) announced the special election.

Dunwell, formerly a pastor said that one of the priorities of his office was community engagement, and he emphasized the importance of making sure that “everyone [has] a seat at the table.”

The margin in that district was almost exactly flipped during the last election of 2018 when Democrat Wes Breckenridge took 58.7 percent of the vote compared to the Republican vote of 41.2 percent. It’s been noted by The Hill that Dunwell’s victory marks the second time since President Biden’s term started that a Republican flipped a major Democrat seat, with the other one being in Connecticut.

The special election saw a participation rate of about 20%, with analysts saying that the victory underscores a strong trend towards right-wing politics in the state.

When then-President Trump wan the district in November of 2020 with a 60% margin, it was the best Republican turnout for a president since 1928 at the re-election of Herbert Hoover. In 2012, by contrast, then-President Barack Obama took the County by 56% in 2012.

The entire state of Iowa has shifted over the past 10 years, after consistently voting for Obama in both 2008 and 2012, the state swung twice for Donald Trump by very comfortable margins.

At both the state and national level, Democrats are voicing increasing concerns about coming elections following Democrat President Joe Biden’s plummeting approval ratings.

Democrat strategists are extremely worried about the 2022 midterm elections. Throughout American history, the incumbent president’s party does poorly in elections, and Democrats fear losing their thin grip on the Senate and possibly the House as well.

Former president Bill Clinton’s consultant, Douglas Schoen predicted in 2020 that Democrats were likely to “lose big” should they continue down the radical path that the party has been swept up by.

Author: Leon Hoffman