Democrats Panic As Audit Results Leak — They Know What’s Coming Next

Senate President Karen Fann of Arizona said earlier this week that there is a mismatch between the certified ballot count of the 2020 election and the recent audit held in Maricopa County. Exact figures have not been released yet and so she added that it’s not yet known how great the discrepancy is.

Speaking to KTAR News 92.3 FM on The Mike Broomhead Show, Fann said that the audit board hadn’t “released a number yet,” but said that she knows that the “numbers do not match… Maricopa County.”

When asked by how large a gap there was between vote counts she had to say “I do not know,” as the audit had not yet released the exact figures to her.

Following many delays, the audit’s results are expected to be revealed at the end of the month, if not early into next month.

Fann explained that the audit was in its final stages as “the vendor” confirms their results with “aggregation: double-checking… spreadsheets against the blue tally” as well as “scans… on the ballots.”

Once it was suggested that there was a discrepancy in the count, Fann said that lawmakers sought to bring “independent machines in” that were not made by Dominion. According to Fann, the only use they have for these machines is counting paper ballots. She said that it gives them “a third check-and-balance” technique to compare the audit count against Maricopa County’s election count.

Dominion has not yet responded to Fann’s comments, but the company emphasized their work in Maricopa County on it’s website, claiming to have been verified in “more than a thousand independent audits” that were all led by bipartisan, expert groups.

House Democrats declared on Thursday that they would be launching their own investigation into Cyber Ninjas, the private vote auditing company which was hired to check the vote count in Maricopa County. Several of the members on the County’s Board of Supervisors questioned the veracity of Cyber Ninjas, but Fann quickly explained that Cyber Ninjas was not solely responsible for analyzing the data.

“This is a joint effort,” Fann explains, adding that she has high confidence in the results from the group “because it’s not just them.” Fann said that Cyber Ninjas is working cooperatively with “a number of other contractors,” who are experienced with audits of this nature.

Author: Keith Gibson