Democrats Melt Down As Red Wave Sweeps The Nation

Democrats grow increasingly concerned about their diminishing chances of victory in 2022 as Republican state legislatures enacted over 30 election integrity reform laws across 18 states with more legislation yet to come.

CEO of the New Georgia Project, Nsé Ufot, spoke to Politico admitting that if the doors to a repeat of 2020 are shut then “we’re f***ed.”

Cofounder of Black Votes Matter, Latosha Brown spoke to Politico as well, stating that “hope is… turning into frustration,” expressing anger over election integrity laws, designed to combat fraudulent voting.

In addition to the many states which have successfully enacted new integrity laws like voting ID and special requirements for early voting, over 400 bills that contain election integrity provisions have been introduced across 49 states in 2021 legislative sessions.

There are states which still have pending legislative sessions, such as California, Ohio, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Jersey, Maine, and Pennsylvania, who have election integrity laws waiting to be passed.

The successful efforts by Republicans has caused a backlash from President Biden and his allies in Congress who now seek to demand federal oversight of state and local elections, placing the power of the vote count in Washington and wresting away control from local communities.

Biden’s first attempt failed in June, when Republicans shot down the “For the People Act” by means of a filibuster. The effort gave the power over election laws back to the states, where Democrats are now scrambling to combat election laws one-by-one.

Chaos has erupted within the Democrat party as a result, a meltdown of order has ensued, with Democrats unable to coherently attack election reform laws, nor convince their constituents that commonsense laws such as voter ID are bad. The frenzy to prevent election integrity laws bred the infamous Texas Democrat ‘Fleebagger’ gang, who pulled one of the most childish and noteworthy stunts to block legislation in history. The aim of the now outlaw Texas Democrats was to prevent voting laws in their state which would require ID, place additional controls on mail-in voting, and expand the power of partisan poll watchers.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott has promised that once the Democrats re-enter the Texas border, they will be arrested and escorted to the Texas Capitol until their job is fulfilled.

Author: Leslie Zimmerman