Democrats Lose It After Agenda Gets Blocked By One Of Their Own

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) announced that she is not supportive of the $3.5 trillion budget deal that Democrats are trying to force through along partisan lines.

Leadership in the Democratic Party already faced a tough challenge to ram through their socialist agenda with an evenly divided Senate, but they have no wiggle room for defectors. The Democrats scheme was to perform a tactic known as budget reconciliation, which would have dodged the need for a 60-vote majority threshold to pass the massive spending proposal with their tie-breaker vote in Vice President Kamala Harris.

But those plans were shattered on Wednesday when Sinema announced her concerns regarding the costly implications of the massive spending package.

The package, which wears a price tag of $3.5 trillion but is suspected by analysts to realistically end up costing upward of $5.5 trillion would spend taxpayer money on a slough of Democrat special interests promoted by President Biden, including such gems as the American Families Plan. The spending package is distinct from the $1 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Framework.

Sinema declared her disobedience to the Democrat Party in a written statement published in The Arizona Republic, saying that she cannot support such an expensive bill as-is, and will only go so far as to enter negotiations “beginning this process.” Foremost on Sinema’s mind, according to her statement, is whether or not the plan will “strengthen Arizona’s economy… help Arizona’s everyday families.”

Sinema’s defection as a moderate Democrat poses a nasty thorn for party leaders, who must secure the vote of all 50 Democratic Senators to push through their enormous spending proposal.

This isn’t the first time that Sinema has parted with the Democrat line, she also opposed the removal of the filibuster, voicing her opinion in The Washington Post. She said that bipartisanship is the better way to make policy rather than “all-or-nothing political battles… whipsawing federal policy reversals.”

Sinema also angered progressives when she opposed a federal minimum wage hike of $15 per hour that was backed into the American Rescue Plan.

Author: Ramon Abbott