Democrats Leak Plot To Overthrow Entire Nation

Reports have leaked that the Democrats will unveil legislation on Thursday that seeks to pack the Supreme Court. The bill would expand the number of justices from 9 to 13, meaning that 4 vacancies would be filled immediately, hand-picked by President Joe Biden and his Democrat majority Senate.

The proposal arrives less than a week after Biden took executive action to form a commission to a study whether the Supreme Court could be expanded. The commission is led by Democrats.

Democrats immediately reacted to the appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh by threatening to pack the supreme court in 2018. Biden initially failed to lend support to the idea until after the appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Expanding the Supreme Court by 4 liberal justices would give the Democrats a 7-6 majority. Congress has the power to determine the size of the Supreme Court without requiring a constitutional amendment.

The Supreme Court has had 9 members since the 19th century, if this proposal passes, this will be seen as a major power-grab moment in the history books.

Author: Heidi Woods

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