Democrats In Hysterics As Top Party Member Joins Forces With Trump

The former Democratic Representative of Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard, just laid into the current President, Joe Biden, as well as his VP, Kamala Harris, saying that their policies on the border are nothing short of a ‘disaster.’

Gabbard started ripping into the declining President and his VP with a tweet on Wednesday evening, saying that the open border policies they’ve created have led us directly into a major humanitarian crisis.

Gabbard says that all that’s going on at the border is a result of their crappy policies. Back in 2020, Gabbard ran a presidential campaign that focused on securing the nation’s borders, and was focused on increasing national security by making our border more secure.

Gabbard didn’t stop there though. She tweeted again on Thursday morning and said that the only people who are really benefitting from all the chaos at the border and the overwhelming number of people trying to cross are drug/sex traffickers and other cartels who are using all of this confusion to bolster their advantage. Gabbard also says that if Biden wants to fix things, he need to go back to Trump’s superior policies, and particularly his ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, that was working perfectly fine until Biden/Harris dismantled it the second they got into office.

Trump’s policy had people who wanted to get into the United States waiting on the Mexico side of the border, which prevented mass illegal immigration from happening in the United States, particularly during this concerning time of COVID, where illegals are not required to be vaccinated or to take COVID tests.

Ever since Biden took office, the southern border has been a floodgate of migrants that are coming into the US in record high numbers. In addition, a major earthquake and unrest of political issues in Haiti has added to the stress, as a massive influx of migrants from Haiti are slamming the southern border, doing their best to get in. There is this bottleneck of migrants coming in by the thousands. They are crammed into these makeshift little camps with little food, hygiene or water while they wait for someone to process them.

Trump’s policies for ‘Remain in Mexico’ still allowed immigrant to seek refuge in the US by requesting asylum, but they had to wait on the Mexico side of the US border while awaiting their chance to meet with US officials.

Author: Mark Sanders