Democrats’ Hysterical ‘Climate’ Claims Proven False After Paralyzing Storm

What is it with the left and the apparently endless desire to politicize anything and everything? First, Biden decides the anniversary of a school shooting is a great time to focus on diminishing Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights.

Now, the perpetually intolerable AOC, with all her extensive wisdom acquired from bartending experience, has decided it’s appropriate to politicize one of the worst winter storms to ever blanket the nation. Even worse, AOC decided that it was appropriate to lecture the nation on the Green Deal while Texans are dealing with a serious state of emergency.

In fact, she lambasted Texas itself, as if the blatant politicization wasn’t bad enough.

“The infrastructure failures in Texas are quite literally what happens when you *don’t* pursue a Green New Deal.” [Source: Fox News]

Is that so, AOC? Mind pointing your average audience to where such studies can be found? After all, you like relying on the “science” and all, so it may not be the worst idea in the world to back up your shallow tweets with links to credible authorities (otherwise known as a group of individuals in which you will never belong).

In addition, AOC continued her word salad by mish mashing equity and environmental issues, because apparently racism is to blame for literally all problems in the world, including natural disasters.

“Weak on sweeping next-gen public infrastructure investments, little focus on equity so communities are left behind, climate deniers in leadership so they don’t long prep for disaster … We need to help people *now.* Long-term we must realize these are the consequences of inaction.” [Source: Fox News]

Got it, AOC. What in the world would America ever do without the “wisdom” you continuously have on offer? Likely acquire a less idiotic international reputation, as AOC and her rather obvious idiocy undoubtedly serve as constant humorous fodder for various entities overseas.

The ones that deal with real life, in other words, not life as if it were a design-your-own-fairytale.

Fortunately, Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, weighed in on the storms, highlighting the tragic human aspect of them (the human aspect that AOC declined to comment on. Guess “equity” does not include Texans for her).

“The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has been anything but reliable over the past 48 hours … Far too many Texans are without power and heat for their homes as our state faces freezing temperatures and severe winter weather. This is unacceptable.” [Source: Fox News]

In addition, Rick Perry, the former Governor of Texas, also skewered AOC’s absurd commentary, calling her out directly for her moronic “guidance” in the wake of national tragedy.

“I mean, think about if we were in the AOC world, fast forward 10 years, and everything is solar, everything is wind … And you have this type of event, this type of, I mean, it’s 9 degrees in Round Top, Texas, we’re the same latitude as Houston, 9 degrees. And if you don’t have power, you’re gonna, you’re gonna die. I mean, there are countless lives that could be lost with this type of reckless adhering to a philosophy that, quite frankly, is not scientific.” [Source: The Washington Examiner]

Perry also continued onward to show what really happens in light of a full blown Green Deal, drily pointing out that all the Green Deal-friendly wind sources of power are presently frozen.

“So, the point is you need to have a diversity of energy sources no matter where you are … And [there] couldn’t be a greater example of that in the state of Texas right now. We got a massive amount of wind farms out in West Texas that are frozen up there just like a propeller on an airplane. They froze up last night, no wind out there. All of that wind energy was lost.” [Source: The Washington Examiner]

Yeah, AOC. Those frozen wind turbines really illustrate just how preventative your little Green Deal really is. Needless to say, solar energy would also be more difficult to come by during months of darkness and limited sunlight, but ultra-leftists do not let tedious little things like facts (or even basic common sense) guide their policies.

Which is why Rick Perry summed them up the best.

“They don’t care about your lives in those cases.”
[Source: The Washington Examiner]


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