Democrats Failed Policies Just Cost Them Dearly

Republican states just scored a major victory for the House of Congress. Based on 2020 census data, the reapportionment of congressional seats has favored Republican led states for 5 of the 7 new seats. Additionally, Democrat led states bled seats. This is expected to effect a major change in the power balance of D.C. favoring the Republicans.

Red states such as North Carolina, Florida, Montana, and Texas gained seats, with Texas picking up two. Oregon and Colorado also gained seats.

The states which lost a congressional seat include Michigan, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, and West Virginia.

The reason for the shift of seat power to Republican led states should is self-evident. Democrats have outright failed their constituents by pressing far left progressive policies within their states. As a result, people have voted with their feet and fled to better run states run by Republicans.
While the elites attempt to lord over the masses with their socialist nonsense, the apportionment to states granted by the constitution is working it’s magic. States which implement onerous policies will defeat themselves by sending citizens fleeing to neighboring regions.

Author: Margaret Fischer

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