Democrats Deny Lifesaving Care To All Unvaccinated Americans

It’s finally happening. The Democrats have gone completely Draconion and will only deliver life-saving care to people who are vaccinated, at least in some cases, according to a report coming from the Washington Post.

A hospital system based in Colorado, UCHealth, has just begun denying transplants of organs to patients that refuse to be vaccinated in most, if not all, situation.

A spokesperson for the organization said that in most cases of organ transplants, the recipients and the people who are living and donating their organs must have their COVID-19 vaccine as well as meet other requirement of health to participate in the donor programs.

They further explained that patients that undergo a transplant are at a significant and increased risk of COVID, and that mortality rates are very high in transplant patients who contract the deadly virus. The rates are between 18-32%.

The spokesperson went on to say that this is the reason it’s so important that the transplant patient as well as the living donor are vaccinated. It’s all part of the precautions that are necessary before someone goes through a transplant surgery. The hospital also says that some surgeries will be postponed or delayed until those patients take all the precautions that are required of them and give themselves the best possible chance at a positive outcome.

The new rules made headlines because a Republican from Colorado went public after learning that a woman was denied the transplant of a kidney because she refused to get the COVID vaccine. He said the practice was absolutely disgusting. He then shared a letter that the patient received that informed her that if she didn’t comply with receiving the vaccine she would no longer even be allowed on the transplant list. She was given 30 days to become full vaccinated, or suffer the consequences.

Another spokesperson said that requirements for organ transplants are nothing new. Patients must not smoke or drink, and are required to follow strict rules to receive an organ. Organs are difficult to obtain and precious, and the hospital believes they have to consider the long-term and short-term success of the patient before giving out new organs.

Author: Ron Hamilton