Democrats Caught Using Slaves For ‘Green New Deal’

Climate Czar John Kerry recently admitted in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday that the Chinese Communist government is using labor from enslaved Uyghurs to produce solar panels which are a key component of Biden’s so called ‘green new deal.’

Ranking Member of the Committee, Michael McCaul (R-TX) asked Kerry if there could be any assurance that America’s pursuit of clean energy would not be built on Chinese slave labor, which he pointed out is also part of an ongoing genocide program.

Kerry responded tersely that “It is a problem” but that there’s no other solution to producing mass quantities of solar panels. He said that it is believed that many of the solar panels produced in the Xinjiang region are made with slave Uyghur labor, but the larger issue is that the region also holds much of the earth’s rare minerals necessary to produce the panels themselves. He then claimed that climate change, being “existential for everybody on the planet” was the greater problem.

For Kerry, it seems that the ends justify the means when it comes to Nazi like extermination camps producing ‘clean’ energy. Solar power may not be polluted with carbon emissions, but they are soaked in the blood of slaves.

Pressed for an answer, Kerry went on to say that he had not brought up slave labor in talks with China’s climate change envoy, deflecting the problem as “not my lane.”

Author: Leonard Boyd

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