Democrats Backpedal — Blame Republicans For Their Failed Agenda

New York City, one of America’s most liberal hot zones is proving to be a case study in how the public feels about Democrats “defund the police” policy which they pushed so hard for since last summer.

The mayoral race in New York City is being dominated by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who is a former NYPD officer, and whose support is miles above his competitor, Maya Wiley, who has the endorsement of New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

One of the major reasons for Adams popularity is his promise to get tough on crime to save the weary citizens of New York. On the other hand, Wiley is continuing to push the now old-hat Democrat position of continued defunding of police.

Adams’ lead isn’t just a threat and offense to his progressive contenders, but also to policies currently in place by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

New York City has suffered a recent crime wave starting with the Biden administration, with the worst violent crime rates in over 30 years.

Democrats rallied to the battle cry of “defund the police” last summer in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in May of 2020, raising a national concern about police conduct and with many Democrat-led cities across the nation choosing to cut back their police forces as a matter of blind retaliation.

But the movement was shortly met with unpopular support, even in the most liberal cities, and Democrats have started to realize the consequences of running on a platform that leaves their constituents out to dry when it comes to criminal prevention and justice.

With this realization, many Democrats, including the entire White House, have started an attempt to change the narrative, blaming Republicans for their failed political strategy.

A poll by YouGov taken shortly after the movement began in 2020 revealed that less than 16% of the public supported the idea back then, with a more recent poll from USA TODAY showing that support for the movement has dropped to 5% at best, but still over a third of Democrat respondents support defunding the police.

Biden is particularly aware of the consequences of his party following the broken idea, and warned fellow Democrats on a phone call that pushing that narrative is “how [Republicans will] beat the living hell out of us” in elections.

Author: Freda Logan