Democrats Are Crawling Out Of Their Skin After Learning This About Trump

If there’s one thing that Democrats have been hoping for since Trump left office, it’s that he would sit at home and retire and just be quiet for the rest of his life. But Trump is not the kind of man to just sit around, and he’s been planning and preparing for the upcoming elections. Setting in place the new MAGA army and making a better America for tomorrow as soon as he can get Republican back in power. And the good news is, that might be sooner rather than later, if the polls have anything to say about it.

It turns out that Trump’s rating approval have actually increased since he left his office more than a year ago. About 90% of Republicans now view Trump favorably. This could be because Biden has done such a terrible job, it’s actually bolstered Trump’s numbers. But hey, we’re not complaining.

The truth is Trump’s number have done nothing but rise since he left the White House, and Biden’s have done nothing but fall. In fact, one survey found that 52% of all voters have a favorable view of President Trump, while only 47% don’t.

Among Republican voters, 85% feel favorably about Trump, while 63% have a “very” favorable view of him. Even 23% of the opposing Democratic party and 51% of the independent party agree.

Trump’s overall approval rate was only 51% when he left office, and his GOP percentage approval was only 84. So yes, since leaving office, his support has increased.

The survey proves that most Republicans are standing with Trump, in spite of efforts by the mainstream media and Democrats to blame him for the Jan 6 riot and to ridicule him for his policies.

Trump hinted strongly about his plans to make a comeback and run again in the 2024 presidential election. President Biden also said that if Donald Trump does run, he will also run again.

Rasmussen polls, however, show that most voters don’t believe Biden will win a 2024 election. Just 28% thought he could be reelected. That’s because so many people thing that he’s doing a poor job as President. Unless he does something drastically different, things are only going to get worse for Biden. And then 2024 is in the bag for Trump.

Author: Hubbard Walters