Democrat Voting Bill Gives Fraudsters a Free Pass

House bill H.R.1 is currently being debated on Capitol Hill. The latest in the lefts attempt to permanently distort election law and fidelity.

The “For the People Act 2021” is a 791 page piece of Democrat backed legislation with the power to reform every angle of how elections are performed. The bill requires automatic voter registration, a mandate for states to send absentee ballots without request and there are even provisions for convicted felons to be able to vote.

The other controversial point of the legislation is that it would eliminate laws which require voter ID, without which, there’s no sure way to know if a person who is voting is real, legal or has already voted.

Former President Trump condemned the bill in a speech at CPAC 2021, calling it a “monster that must be stopped.” When pointing to the fact that the bill would offer ballots to felons he asked “Can you believe this?” 

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