Democrat Shocks Americans With Disgusting Statement On Police

The Democrats sure know how to choose them. After all, just look at their top selection for the “senior advisor for strategic outreach,” who will serve in yet another position of rather dubious responsibility within the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Mr. Dyjuan Tatro, who has been rather vocal even before receiving this position, is poised to become more vocal than ever, courtesy of the Democrats’ empowerment of his ultra-leftist views.

And, just like a good old leftist, Mr. Tatro has already gone on the attack shortly after becoming “senior advisor.” His target? The Capitol Hill police. According to the “wisdom” of this senior advisor, the breach at Capitol Hill was possible because Capitol Hill police are apparently “white supremacists.”

“The answer to white supremacists storming the Capitol is not to give more money to a different group of white supremacists who’s [sic] job it is to uphold white supremacy.” [Source: Fox News]

Hm, Mr. Tatro, if that really were the case (that all, or certainly the majority, of Capitol Hill police are white supremacists), then why was such a vocal BLM protestor, also known as John Sullivan, able to get away with screaming to and causing havoc on January 6 … While inside the same Capitol Hill mob?

As noted by Assistant U.S. Attorney General Candace Wang, Mr. Sullivan was not “documenting” Capitol Hill as he claimed (nor does he even have the appropriate credentials to do so if he were), and he is simply just another criminal that directly contributed to the havoc on January 6.

“The defendant was a brazen, vocal participant in the disruption and disorder surrounding the events on January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol … Since his release on stringent conditions on January 15, 2021, he has repeatedly flouted court-imposed conditions.” [Source: Fox News]

So, on top of his Capitol Hill activities, Mr. Sullivan was able to be released from jail, only to cause new issues, including the obstruction of federal proceedings.

Hilariously, at the time of his release, “Judge” Meriweather remarked that Sullivan does not appear to “pose such a danger to the community,” which means he apparently should not remain incarcerated.

Lovely. Biden’s “justice” system at work.

Apparently Meriweather missed the memo on Sullivan’s rather fiery speech last summer … while in front of the White House.

“We … about to burn this s— down, … We gotta … rip Trump right out of that office right there, … We ain’t about … waiting until the next election …

It’s time for revolution.” [Source: Fox News]

One thing is for sure: Vocabulary is not the strong suit of BLM, along with basic respect for personal space.

And now they have a personal spokesman in the White House in the form of Mr. Tatro, whose first remarks were rather predictable: anti-police, anti-White.

Then again, Mr. Tatro’s remarks really should not come as a surprise, considering he was once a gangster who undoubtedly had a number of run-ins with the police. And Mr. Tatro was not exactly some wayward teenager that cleaned up his life before adulthood: He found himself in hot water for federal racketeering charges.

As noted by The New York Post, Tatro shot two rival gang members in 2006, slashed another victim in 2002, and also enjoyed a $12k per month income selling crack cocaine. Not exactly misdemeanor type activities.

Apparently, Mr. Tatro quickly acquired then nickname (or job title?) of “triggerman” for the Original Gangsta Killas, and now that same “triggerman” is a senior advisor for the Democrats. It is unclear what education, if any, Mr. Tatro has, aside from education he pursued while in prison.

And American Patriots thought the Seattle pimp was bad. You know, the apparently former pimp being paid $150,000 per year to supposedly address crime in Seattle. Meanwhile, Democrats can’t even get promised COVID relief checks to Americans.

Apparently, Harris and Biden did cave into BLM after all, as permitting a shooting, stabbing, drug dealing, police hating individual to serve in any position, much less a “senior advisor” position shows exactly where the Biden admin, and, unfortunately, America is headed.

Bring back Trump!

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