Democrat Mayor Humiliated After City Police Force Demolishes Unconstitutional Agenda

Chicago, already known as a dangerous cesspool of murder and crime, was bound to deteriorate after Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued a decree that all city employees -including police officers- would have to submit to a vaccine mandate.

Many of Chicago’s finest didn’t want the jab, however, feeling safer taking their chances the natural way in the face of a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate. As such, the city launched a lawsuit against the police union with the hope of forcing compliance. To put it short, they didn’t comply.

Reports came out as of Wednesday that the police union carried that day and the vaccine mandate cannot be forced upon Chicago’s police officers. Unwilling to accept the humiliating legal defeat she got handed, Lightfoot claimed that the lawsuit got dropped because enough of the police force was already vaccinated.

However, the timing of the case’s withdrawal comes shortly after the judge openly defied Lightfoot’s demands.

The lawsuit was already an insult to the city’s police force after they were hit with massive defunding following the Democrat trend that obeyed demands from Black Lives Matter in 2020. To drive home the fact that the city hates its own law-enforcement, the vaccine mandate came with a penalty of “no-pay” status for those who failed to comply by year’s end.

The judge in the case, however, completely suspended the deadline, handing a shocking and embarrassing blow to Lightfoot, and removing all of the teeth from her unconstitutional mandate.

With crime already at peak levels, the prospect of losing even more police officers became too much to bear, and so Lightfoot retreated, claiming that the 80% of the force that did receive the vaccine is good enough that her edict was no longer necessary.

As of today, Chicago has witnessed 739 murders, a 3% increase over last year which set records on its own. Gun violence is also up 9% in what is one of the most anti-Second Amendment cities in the nation. Giving in to demands from Black Lives Matter was obviously a bad decision that anyone with two brain cells to rub together knew before it was enacted, but Lightfoot took the race-bait hook, line, and sinker.

Author: Jerry Foster